Viet Nam Generation

In 1988, Tal founded Viet Nam Generation, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) literary and educational organization that published the Viet Nam Generation Journal and sponsored the yearly international Sixties Generations conferences. In her role at Viet Nam Generation, Inc., Tal served as editor and writing coach for scores of Vietnam veteran writers. In 1990, she founded Burning Cities Press to publish the work of combat veterans who became involved in the peace movement. An archive of her work and collected papers can be found in the “Imaginative Representations of the Vietnam War” Special Collection, Connelly Library, LaSalle University, Philadephia, PA.

When she received one of the first Networked Associate Fellowships at the University of Virginia’s Institute for Advanced Technoclogy in the Humanities, she founded the Sixties Project, a content-rich web site providing access to many primary documents related to the war and the antiwar movement.  During this time, Tal typed out the entire contents of the Winter Soldier Investigation, and put it on line for the public. She also worked to declassify the records of the Vietnam War Crimes Working Group in 1992.

Tal’s focus has been on the recovery of the lost history of antiwar Vietnam combat veterans, a group that far outnumbered pro-war veterans, and marched shoulder to shoulder with the peace movement.  She has struggled to preserve the story and work of antiwar veterans in the face of decades of neoconservative revisionism.

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